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From LotusXSL_Team/CAM/Lotus%LO...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Anybody know how to use xml-stylebook with xml-xalan2?
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 14:27:28 GMT

I'm not sure what is going on. I assume you are building stylenbook for
Xalan-J 2, which in addition to putting Xalan-J2 and a recent Xerces on the
classpath, means including Xalan2Processor.java, excluding
XalanProcessor.java, and changing "XalanProcessor:" to "Xalan2Processor" in
xslt processor setting in engine.xml.
The messages below seem to indicate a problem building the Xalan-J2 design
document, which (because of the size of the graphics) uses 2 custom
stylesheets: design2project.xsl and designdoctohtml.xsl (so far as I am
aware not used by another project). When i run the standard Ant build to
build Xalan-J2 doc, including this design document, I have no problems.
Please try rebuilding stylebook, taking note of the build requirements
mentioned above. Hopefully this will straighten things out.
-- Don

                    "Sam Ruby"                                                           
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                                         Subject:     Anybody know how to use xml-stylebook
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Each of the projects that are currently using stylebook to produce their
web pages fail for me when I try them win xml-xalan2.  Does the following
message make any sense to anybody?


 [java] [Xalan2Processor] Applying XSL sheet
 [java] [StyleBook] Caught org.apache.stylebook.LoadingException
 [java] org.apache.stylebook.LoadingException: Project does not start with
 [java]         at org.apache.stylebook.Project.(Project.java:39)
 [java]         at org.apache.stylebook.Loader.load(Loader.java:57)
 [java]         at
 [java]         at org.apache.stylebook.StyleBook.main(StyleBook.java:85)
 [java] [StyleBook] Error creating project
 [java] Java Result: 3

- Sam Ruby

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