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From David_Mars...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Help wanted: more qualified developers
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 20:34:55 GMT

> is James Melton.

>1. It takes a LOT of time to get involved in code development on one of
>these projects. There is a ton of code of which I know 0% to start.
>There seems to be no real architectural documentation that will help me
>begin to get a grip.

Then maybe you could help by being the "test subject" for architectural
documentation and even comments in source code. Look around, and file
bug reports or email the lists to report that "[whatever] is under-
documented" and state some questions that you would like answered. In
other words, additional documentation could be driven by the pull of
questions just as well as by the push from a to-do list.

>3. When you look from the outside you realize quickly that this is a
>full-time paid job for some people. It is difficult to rationalize why
>I am doing work for which you are getting paid.

Insider's view: If we could, we would have many more staffers to
work full-time on this! We can't get that much money, so we spend
more of our time on those aspects of the project that are unlikely to
obtain sufficient volunteer support. We do a lot of the documentation
now, but if documentation volunteers showed up (hint hint), we would
move the paid people over to other things that are still neglected.
The core of full-time people bolsters the viability of the project,
meaning that volunteering here is more likely to pay off in a stable,
well-exercised, and (sooner or later) high-performing piece of
software for all.

>Consider documenting application architecture, ..., and issuing
>certificates of sanity that we can show to our
>wives and co-workers when they ask, "What are you doing?"

If we can find someone who already holds a sanity certificate and is
willing to be our Certifying Authority, then we'll get to work on
those certificates right away.     :)
................David Marston

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