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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject [DISC] Proposal: new xml-core project for standards-based files
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 21:21:40 GMT
I propose a new xml.apache.org subproject to fulfill the need for a central
repository for various XML standards-based files.  Comments on this
specific proposal please, everyone! (not like I really have to ask... 8-)

(0) Rationale:
Many xml.apache.org projects use and ship with sets of similar
externally-defined standards-based code; differences in versioning and
configuration of this code often make developing and especially using our
projects more difficult.  A common place for all xml.apache.org projects to
get DOM, SAX, JAXP, and other externally-defined code would be a fairly
low-cost and low-maintenance way to alleviate these difficulties.

(0.1) Java/C/Perl/etc note: The details in this proposal pertain to
Java-based projects; I believe the basic idea may be worthwhile for other
language versions to use as a framework for their own discussions.
Directory structure could include /java /c /perl /other?

(1) Scope of this subproject:
Beginning scope to contain common externally-defined standards, including
the packages: org.w3c.dom.**, org.xml.sax.**, and javax.xml.**  This is
designed to essentially be an xml.apache.org-specific holding place for
commonly-used files that are created outside of Apache.  This subproject
should provide guidelines and build scripts to aid xml.apache.org groups to
easily use these common files in a common manner across all projects.  This
subproject should provide some basic versioning abilities so that
xml.apache.org projects temporarily using new/beta/updated/proposed
versions of these specs can continue to get their code from this area.

(1.2) Potential Additional Scope of this subproject:
An obvious addition would be to also include additional utilities/common
code in this subproject, like current copies of bsf.jar, stylebook, servlet
API classes, etc.  This could also include code that did originate in an
Apache project, that we wanted to centralize the use of: SystemIDResolver,
XML Serializers, etc.  This part of this proposal is very much like the
jakarta-commons proposal; however if it proves controversial or difficult
to implement, I'd recommend dropping this portion and implementing the rest

(1.3) Non-scope of this project:
Note this is primarily a subproject to make life inside of xml.apache.org
easier.  A common recent discussion thread about a potential AXDK (Apache
XML Development Kit) that would be a meta-project composed out of several
xml projects together would be separate from this (and would primarily
address end-users ease-of-use of xml projects).

(1.5) Interaction with other subprojects
Guidelines need to be drawn up on general@xml.apache.org for the use of
this subproject, and then documented and checked in.  These should include
both how other xml subprojects should use these resources in their
development cycles, as well as how all xml subprojects should package these
resources when creating public, shipped distributions (to avoid version
conflicts, etc.)

(2) identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be
Sources would be obtained from the relevant owners/creators and checked
into the project repository. A basic build.xml file and apache project
usage guidelines would need to be created.  Possible legal review would be
needed for licensed files (one solution might be to waive the Apache
license on these files).

(3) identify the xml.apache.org resources to be created

(3.1) mailing list(s)
xml-commons (or name of project)

(3.2) CVS repositories

(3.3) Bugzilla
program - commons

(4) Identify the initial set of committers
Hmmm - here I'm not sure what's best.  I'll try to limit the choices.
(4.a) Proposal?: kellyc, curcuru, rubys
(4.b) Proposal?: one committer from each xml.apache.org subproject that
wants to volunteer, plus at least one PMC member (for projects that don't
get someone volunteered)
(4.c) Proposal?: one member from each xml.apache.org subproject

(*) Important cross-reference:  http://www.husted.com/about/commons/
Jakarta is currently working on a similar, yet different, tool/util/common
code area.  While we can steal a lot of their ideas, I think the needs of
xml.apache.org will be different than Jakarta, so we should make our own
community decision on how to do this.  Many thanks to the nice format for a
proposal that I plagarized.  8-)

- Shane (also-discuss-with @ Tuesday Hackathon/ApacheCon next week)

(Meta-Notes: [DISC] = let's discuss this targeted proposal for a while.
This obviously needs buy-in from the community, and I don't think it's
quite right yet, so I'm hoping the community can help me figure out what is
Targeted: I'd like to try to categorize and target some of the discussions
on general@xml so we can make better progress without everyone being lost
in the maze of email threads; hence I'll try to keep this particular thread
on subject.
Also, I specifically tried to keep the scope of this proposal small, so we
might agree and implement it more quickly; if we want to add more things
later we can update it as we go along.  But I think it would be useful to
actually implement and use this for a while before deciding on the
organization of a larger shared kit.)

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