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From lcham...@ca.ibm.com
Subject Re: Volunteers: First Cut
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 22:38:00 GMT
I'd like to volunteer my help to the new PMC.

1. Luc Chamberland
2. Subscriber to xerces-j and xerces-c and parser licensee.
3. IBM, XML Parsers Development Manager (IBM XML4J and XML4C)
4. My value-add:
   - I have an extensive background in project management,
   and would like to bring those skills over to the XML sub-projects so
   we can improve our planning, bug tracking, and coordination amongst the
   sub-projects. I currently provide similar project management to XML
   development occuring within IBM.  I answer a lot of questions pertaining
   to licensing
   of Apache technology by IBM, and would be happy to do same for Apache.

   - I'm particularly interested in working with the other sub-projects
   to ensure they work well together, and maintain some level of
   application agnosticism.
   Some of the closed source efforts in the industry are putting out
   suites of XML tools/runtimes, and our community needs to better ensure
   our tools
   compliment one another. (I concur with Ted on the need for common design
   and a technology stack.)

   - As a technical writer for several years, I'd like to lend my help to
   improving our overall
   doc strategy, particularly by focussing on "big picture" scenarios that
   illustrate how
   the various sub-project technologies work together.  I've written
   similar articles for the
   Java Developer's Journal and IBM publications.

re voting option, +1 for F.

Luc Chamberland

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