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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Size of the PMC
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 16:08:46 GMT

> My only concern is that a commitee such formed may not contain
> that adequately follow each of the code bases.  Batik and Xang are the
> that keep coming up.

Well, as I said, my first preference is project representation... one
person from each project.  But I think you said you didn't like that.  So
my second choice was 3... keep it so small that unfair project
representation wasn't really an issue, and keep it very "dry".  People
though 3 was too small, so I comprimised on 5 in the interest of reaching a

At this point I think we should stick to 5, and then the PMC can choose to
expand down the line.

> I'm not overly concerned about the size of the group.

Me 'neither, as long as there are rules for fair and balanced
representation.  Otherwise I think it's very easy to get an unbalanced


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