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From "COFFMAN Steven" <SCoff...@COVANSYS.com>
Subject RE: Help wanted: more qualified developers
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 22:33:29 GMT
Not to be overly obvious, but useful contributions that don't require
familiarity with large amounts of code are the most common entry of users
into dev. I don't know how practical the advice "Write readable code" is,
since no one sets out to write bad code, although it does help.

Would it be useful for devs to post regular "wishlist" tasks to the user
lists? Some users have access to expensive commercial software for churning
out UML diagrams, benchmarking, and all sorts of stuff the devs might not.
Another example is all those things like "write test case for X" or
"Document one paragraph on this class" (as Alex pointed out) or other things
which are collectively immense but break down into tiny items.

Just trying to toss out ideas.

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