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From Tim McCune <t...@channelpoint.com>
Subject RE: Common sub-project for Xalan/Xerces: discuss: standards-based files vs. common utils
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:52:40 GMT
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> From: Ted Leung [mailto:twleung@sauria.com]
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> From: "Kelly Campbell" <camk@channelpoint.com>
> > The third need I see is not neccessarily for Apache 
> developers or Apache
> > project building, but for users. This is what I would call 
> an Apache XML
> > Development Kit. This would be a rollup of the most 
> commonly used XML
> > projects bundled together and tested together for new users 
> and users who
> > don't want to deal with all the various versions of stuff 
> piecemeal. The
> > makeup of this kit would include several technologies like 
> Xerces, Xalan,
> > Fop, SOAP, Axis.
> Now this idea, I like very much.  I think that all the projects
> would benefit
> from integration and testing for end users.

Agreed.  And it would also solve the dilemma of "too many jars" for
the not-so-bright end-user to understand.  Again, we do something
similar to this at ChannelPoint where we bundle up several core
projects (which all build on top of our CDK) into our "ChannelPoint
Solution Development Kit (CPSDK)".  Then the individual apps can just
build on top of one big cpsdk.jar instead of worrying about the
complexities of its internal projects and dependencies.  Of course,
we also have an auto-conf-like tool as well (which Kelly developed.) 
Kelly and I have been around the block once on these issues. :)

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