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From Tim McCune <t...@channelpoint.com>
Subject RE: Common sub-project for Xalan/Xerces
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 07:06:56 GMT
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> From: Ted Leung [mailto:twleung@sauria.com]
> Well, it's one more .jar that someone has to remember to put
> into their classpath.

Sure, but I think the benefits will outweigh that minor drawback. 
There aren't many projects these days that don't have third-party

> Is Xalan doing it's own Xerces build?  We already have problems
> because Xerces breaks Xalan, or Xerces breaks Axis. Now I foresee
> that someone from Xalan will break ADK which will break Xerces
> which will break Axis.   Before you laugh,  just today I 
> fixed some bugs
> in the website because an Axis induced web site update broke the
> Xerces website.

It's a good point that the ADK code would be more critical.  Its
committer list should probably be kept fairly short because of this. 
However, once it got past an initial revision, it would likely stay
much more stable than the projects that build on top of it.  As a
result, it should also release much less often than those other
projects.  This has been our experience using this kind of model at

> I think that we need to have an overall packaging / 
> re-packing discussion.
> There's some other stuff that's floating around that falls into
> this category
> like XPath and some of the serializers that are in Xerces.  
> If we're going
> to
> repackage stuff, then lets talk about the whole pie.

Yep.  But let's not bite off so much at once that it's intractable.

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