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From "Randall J. Parr" <RP...@TemporalArts.COM>
Subject Re: Action regarding umbrella PMCs
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:02:49 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Reposting Roy T. Fielding's words:
> >
> > Sam Ruby presented a resolution to the board that would
> > expand the mandate of Jakarta to cover all server-related
> > Java software.  The board refused to consider this
> > resolution because it did not include a list of PMC
> > members that could reasonably represent all of the
> > projects under that mandate.
> It probably would be wise to check with Roy and the board before proceeding
> with an election that does not include as a goal "represent[ing] all of the
> projects".

In monitoring these discussions, it strikes me that some the differences may be
due to confusion as to exactly what the PMC is to to and/or be.

It seems the administration, legal review, etc. oriented tasks are best suited
to a smaller number like five.

It seems the goal setting, standards setting, cheerleading etc. are best suited
a representative from each project under the umbrella.

Maybe the goal should be a representive group that is a large as it needs to be
and an administrative group/committe that, ultimately, is responsible to
representative group.

If the PMC, as currently defined, is primarily the administrative group, then is
there some other organizational group and/or mechanism for handling
cross-project matters?

Randall J. Parr
Temporal Arts

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