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From bill parducci <b...@parducci.net>
Subject Re: Resend of first cut
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 00:14:39 GMT
how are you going to base your decision on who to elect as PMC members?
award it to whomever writes the most code because they are the most
the process that was used for submission to the PMC asked for
information about each person's background. sure someone could lie, but
that would ultimately come out in the delivery of the services rendered
(and prolly balckball that person from future particpation here and
elsewhere) . from the coding perspective you can challenge interested
committers to provide code then review their output, you have no such
option here. 

like programming, many business skills are learned through a structured
process. what are the odds of someone who has never SEEN a line of code
being able to pick up programming in java by just looking at snippets,
no 'java in 21 days', nothing. just sitting down and banging out an xml
parser based on desire? that is what you seem to be suggesting here.
'trial by fire' may work for a very few brilliant individuals, but is it
fair to the community as a whole to suffer through such a process when
there may be people available that will step up and take on the roll
with the required skills today?  what did your fist app look like? 
would you have felt comfortable posting here amongst the coding gurus?
why would you offer them anything less in terms of administration?


James Melton wrote:
> In this situation I think you have no basis for evaluating the
> management skills of prospective members. Conducting interviews is
> impractical; checking references is unreliable. But you can evaluate
> commitment to the project from the code someone has written. I'm of the
> opinion that management (or any other) skills will develop as required
> when the individual is committed to succeeding.
> Jim.

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