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From bill parducci <b...@parducci.net>
Subject Re: Resend of first cut
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 19:06:31 GMT
> I don't think we should restrict the list to only committers.  However I
> feel strongly that the PMC members should be people who commit to the code
> base on a daily bases, and who truly understand the issues and are invested
> by virtue of hard work.  That's why I like the Apache & Open Source
> communities... for the most part there are no managers who only do
> management (not that there's anything wrong with this).  And commit statis
> is one signal that the people are putting more into xml.apache.org than
> bright ideas.  Therefore, I personally will only vote for committers, with
> the possible exception of Dirk as chair by virtue of his board
> representation, because of his history with the PMC, and because to me he
> is a known quantity who is not too heavy handed.  Again, people should vote
> for whoever they feel will be best at the job... I just happen to feel that
> commit status is one of the criteria for this.

while i believe your general intent is valid, the expression of it seems
flawed. i'll grant you that it is extremely important to have developer
representation on the PMC, but lack of management skills is what gets
you into the situation you have now. again, to be clear i am not
suggesting some tyrannical bureaucracy staffed with a bunch or corporate
suits trying to take over the project, but there is value in (even in
these hollowed groups of socialized code development) for those who are
better suited for facilitation, coordination etc.. sure, you must
exercise care in determining what value any particular individual brings
to the table, but discounting out of hand the input potential of all
non-coders is a mistake (unless the goal is to keep just keep them all
away, not product quality).


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