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From Christophe Jolif <cjo...@ilog.fr>
Subject Re: Pluggable components ( was: Volunteers: First Cut)
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 09:26:19 GMT

Sam Ruby wrote:

> I'd also was wondering if you would consider replacing
> org.apache.batik.script with
> http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/projects/bsf ?

BSF project is described as a framework allowing an application to be
scripted without references to the scripting language.

Before implementing Batik script package, we already considered BSF, but
in Batik we don't necessarly need such an ambitious framework, because
we don't really need to script an application (the viewer or the
transcoder for example) but "only" an SVG file (=> an SVG DOM). And in a
certain way, this high level framework may not allowed us to be as
compliant with the SVG spec ECMAScript binding as we want (we need for
example to access to Rhino "internals" to achieve this). Another point
is that even if we provide the ability to use several scripting
languages we emphasize on ECMAScript as it is the one required by SVG
spec and thus will certainly be widespread in SVG files for obvious
compatibility reasons.

Of course this doesn't mean that will never consider to switch to BSF
again, but it is not one of the project priority for now.


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