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From Kimbro Staken <ksta...@dbxmlgroup.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'. re: Arved's comment
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 18:37:32 GMT
Shane_Curcuru@lotus.com wrote:
> A couple of add-on comments that these paragraphs made me think of:
> Thinking forward about Apache being a business (non-profit, yes!) and
> having the goal be towards the end-user: at what point do we also have a
> goal of targeting IT/IS managers and CTO's?

Before you can consider when to tackle the higher levels of a technology
organization you first need to decide what, if anything, is the larger
goal that the XML group is trying to solve. As it is the XML projects
are a mix of various mainly infrastrucure level pieces and it isn't
clear how they all fit together or even if they should. 

I don't think it would be a good idea for the apache XML project to have
a single larger software goal. The suite of projects is already too
diverse. But I do see two major categories of projects, infrastructure
and publishing. My suggestion would be to look at these categories and
to see how you can add value beyond just the individual pieces that you
are currently working on. For instance in the infrastructure category
you might have the goal of developing a solid XML SDK. The SDK would
consist of the best of all the various subprojects and would fit them
all together in a clean well presented and well documented manner. For
publishing you might have the goal of developing an open source
publishing system that sits on top of the XML SDK and bundles the
publishing products together with whatever other software is necessary
(e.g. Tomcat) to form a higher level application. Basically the goal
being that when you download the application you install it and have it
running in a minimum amount of time. I know that this has been done by
other people to a very limited degree but their motivation has been
something like just making cocoon easier to get running not really
solving a higher level problem.

Now when people look at the XML group from outside they won't see a
jumble of weird project names they will see a clean presentation Apache
XML SDK or Apache Web Publishing System. If a person is looking for
Xerces in particular they will probably know where to find it.

To summarize, what I'm suggesting is that you define various higher
level projects that have the goal of solving some "business" problem
with a higher overall level of polish and presentation. The higher level
project may not consist of the latest and greatest from all the sub
projects but it will present a stable, consistent and clean
"application" that will be easier to digest by people at a higher level
in the technology hierarchy. Those people who want to get the latest and
greatest can still do so from the individual projects. I think you have
two logical higher level places to start with publishing and an XML SDK
and can add more as you want to expand. 

Kimbro Staken
Chief Technology Officer
dbXML Group L.L.C

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