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From "Michael P. Wilson" <mpwil...@earthlink.net>
Subject A humble plea...
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 19:29:54 GMT
I throw my self upon the mercy of the forum...

I just picked up the Deitel XML book.  It has a couple cute examples in it
so I figured what the heck.

For serialization of "Document" objects they use an XmlDocument from the
com.sun.xml.tree package.

I've looked everywhere I could think to look.  Inside jaxp, Xerces (just in
case) and some embarrasing last resorts.  Nothing.

Apparently com.sun.xml is from "Sun Microsystem's internal XML API".

So am I looking in the wrong place?  Or is Deitel using undocumented code as
a core feature of their book examples (he asks while loading 9mm

That (almost) aside... What's the "right" way to serialize a DOM object to a
(text) stream?  Or do I just have to do the traversal myself.


- Mike

Lead me, oh masters, to TFM that I may R it.


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