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From Arved Sandstrom <Arved...@chebucto.ns.ca>
Subject RE: xml.apache.org charter proposal
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 01:44:40 GMT
At 11:30 AM 3/29/01 -0800, Mike Dierken wrote:
Scott, what did you mean by 'a standard that is based on XML'? 
I didn't read that as in 'Standards-based' from a 'Standards Body'. 
I don't think the Ant format is a 'Standards-based' thing - but
it's great to have available components that consume this and
do useful work.

I think considerng 'standard' as in 'common, useful & re-usable'
will help coders build & re-use code. 

mike d 


I assumed that Scott meant "widely accepted", as opposed to "official 
product of recognized standards body". I could be wrong. I do want him to 
define what he meant, so we're all on the same sheet of music, although I 
think Ted went a long way toward answering the question.

I would also like to see some comment on general guidelines that would 
promote ASF goals. Without getting into too many specifics, I can visualize 
situations where XML Apache could be offered an otherwise excellent piece of 
software, one which meets all the technical goals, but is either so 
specialized or so mature that it is quite sterile from the standpoint of 
being able to establish a vibrant developer community. I don't think we have 
anything like that, but it could happen. I would personally be somewhat 
against something that is essentially finished, and is just going to be 
maintained - even if it is a kick-ass application.

Sort of along the same lines, I think we don't really want blips. I'm 
thinking that suitable projects should be able to support 5-10 committers, 
and 2-3 times that many developers, for at least a year*. Again, this would 
help promote community software development.

Just some thoughts.

Arved Sandstrom

* Once they pick up a head of steam.
Fairly Senior Software Type
e-plicity (http://www.e-plicity.com)
Wireless * B2B * J2EE * XML --- Halifax, Nova Scotia

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