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From "Simon Tyler" <Simon.Ty...@monitrax.com>
Subject Deferred DOM Question
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 09:50:51 GMT


I am using Xerces 1.2.3 and I have a query about the defered DOM
implementation. When I create a DOMParser and parse my input only the
top level is done. Later the rest is done on demand. This is fine. 

However, at what point has the DOMParser I created for the initial parse
been finished with? I would like to re-use it if possible to parse some
more XML from a different source but I can't find any documentation
anywhere that tells me when the original parser has finished.

For example, is the following safe:

DOMParser parser = new DOMParser();

Document doc1 = parser.getDocument();	


Document doc2 = parser.getDocument();	

// Do stuff with doc1 and doc2


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