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From "Ted Leung" <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 04:45:56 GMT

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From: "Sam Ruby" <rubys@us.ibm.com>
To: <general@xml.apache.org>
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.

> Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> >
> > One thing I'd like to see happening with this reboot is a clear
> > rule on who can be on the PMC list. As it stands there are people
> > on the PMC list who are not part of the PMC per say, and I'm not
> > aware of why they've been granted this privilege while other
> > people (in particular committers) have never been offered to be
> > on the list themselves. I would suggest as a rule that all
> > committers are offered to subscribe.
> I felt that way at one time, and even proposed the same thing to the
> Jakarta PMC.  Over time, I have changed my mind.  There are rare
> discussions that need to be held in a closed forum.  The root problem is
> that neither PMC choose to limit themselves to using that mailing list to
> just those purposes.  The guiding principle should be that any discussion
> which does not need to be done in private should be done in public.
> If this is adhered to, the question is whether or not there is an
> occasional need for discussions in private, and if so, how/where should it
> take place.

I think that Arnaud as a very good point here.  In the past, the PMC has
been a highly politicized body.   In order for the reboot to work, we have
to destroy that perception and reality.   The only discussions that I've
that needed to be held in a closed forum had to do with a possible donation
from a company that didn't want the cat to get out of the bag. Besides that,
everything else that has been discussed in the PMC list could and should
been discussed on general.

If we're going to have a closed list (and unfortunately, I believe that we
need one), the new PMC will have to make sure that it is only used for
discussions that really need to be closed.  Right now the only discussions
I can think of that merit the closed list are the aforemetioned code
where the donating party wants some kind of privacy.


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