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From Stephane Hillion <Stephane.Hill...@sophia.inria.fr>
Subject Re: Volunteers: First Cut
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 12:34:46 GMT
On Tuesday 06 March 2001 12:52, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Stephane Hillion wrote:
> > All the references to crimson we have are constant string references
> > to the parser class name. These strings are in the source code because
> > we are in beta version and all the resource files have not been created
> > yet.
> org\apache\batik\apps\regsvggen\Main.java:import org.apache.crimson.tree.*;
> org\apache\batik\apps\regsvggen\Main.java:import org.apache.crimson.parser.
> *;

Sorry to reference crimson in testing tools ;)

> I also don't happen to believe that components should be specifying the
> parser to use.  JAXP will default nicely, otherwise it should be up to
> either the main program (or web appliction), or the person who starts or
> configures the server.

Yes jaxp is great, except that it use System.getProperty(), so that the 
libraries which create parsers with it are not usable in secure 
  Stephane Hillion.

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