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From "Brian Quinlan" <Bri...@ActiveState.com>
Subject Xerces continuing on fatal error question
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 18:13:04 GMT

I am using Xerces to validate XML files and I would like the parser to
continue even after it encounters a fatal error. I am using a SAX2XMLReader
object to read the file, which creates a XMLScanner to scan the file.
XMLScanner has a nice convenient method called setExitOnFirstFatal( ), which
I would like to call. However, SAX2XMLReaderImpl doesn't allow me access to
the XMLScanner instance.

It would be convenient if Xerces did allow one to access the XMLScanner
instance but I have found no way of doing so.

Any thoughts?


Brian Quinlan
Python and XSLT Developer

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