I can suggest two ways that I have used. You can build an object model using JDOM, which is pretty easy, and then send it to an XMLOutputter ...
        OutputStream out;
        // Initialise out here...
        Element root = new Element("patient");
        root.addAttribute("CRN", "123456");
        Element child;
        child = new Element("nhs_number");
        child.addContent("999 999 999");
        Document document = new Document(root);
        try {
            XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter("  ", true);
            outputter.output(document, out);
        catch (java.io.IOException e) {
            throw new EHRException(e.getMessage());
Alternatively, you can use the Xerces Serializer class. This can give you a ContentHandler reference. You generate the SAX2 events and it translates these into an XML document ...
        OutputStream out;
        try {
            OutputFormat outputFormat = new OutputFormat(Method.XML, OutputFormat.Defaults.Encoding, true);
            SerializerFactory factory = SerializerFactory.getSerializerFactory(Method.XML);
            Serializer serializer = factory.makeSerializer(out, outputFormat);
            AttributesImpl attrs = new AttributesImpl();
            attrs.addAttribute("", "", "CRN", "CDATA", "123456" );
            Attributes attributes = attrs;
            Attributes noAttributes = new AttributesImpl();

            ContentHandler handler = serializer.asContentHandler();
            handler.startElement("", "patient", "", attributes);
            handler.startElement("", "nhs_number", "", noAttributes);
            handler.characters("999 999 999".toCharArray(), 0, 11);
            handler.endElement("", "nhs_number");
            handler.endElement("", "patient");
        catch (Exception e) {
            throw new EHRException(e.getMessage());
Both code extracts should build something like ...
<?xml version=1.0" ?>
<patient CRN+"123456">
    <nhs_number>"999 999 999"</nhs_number>
There are lots of options for formatting, etc - see the relevent APIs.
Apologies if there are bugs in the code. It has been cut from much longer routines and chopped around to remove complications like namespaces, so it probably won't work straight out of the box! Hope it helps anyway :-)
Bob Steemson
Principal Systems Architect
PDS Health Group
Northgate Information Solutions

The opinions herein are my own and, unless explicitly stated, may not represent those of Northgate Information Solutions UK Limited, part of Northgate Information Solutions plc.

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hi there!!

i'm aslo facing simmilar problem !i'm manupulating the XML file using DOM but i can only find inteface like content handler insax2 to parse and read the xml file . ilooked at API docs of Sax2  but couldnt find methods to do so.

Is that so we need any other helper classes or interface to intsert data in xml file???

If anyone could be precise it would be a great help.


Pankaj Malhan

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>Hello, there.
>I have a question about SAX.
>How can I insert a new element into the XML file, or delete elements, using SAX?
>SAX defines events method, startDocument(), endDocument()...., but does not define createElement(), createComment()... like DOM.
>So, please tell me how I can solve my problem.
>Thanx in advance.

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