IQPC Canada is preparing itpremier conference on XML: Enhancing eBusiness CommunicationJune 27-28, 2001 at the Holiday Inn on King, in Toronto. This event is designed to be a showcase of best practices in XML, highlighting how it has been used to boost eCommerce and its potential as the eBusiness language of the future.
Can you recommend a speaker on The Apache XML project? The talk on Apache XML can fall under business strategy (its long term impact) or technical development, depending on the area of expertise of the speaker. At the event there will be speakers on XBRL, OAGI and possibly FpML. It would be good to have a session on the benefits of implementing Apache XML too.
Consisting of 15, 45 minute presentations, an "Ask The Experts" panel and two hands-on, technically-focused, full day, pre and post conference workshops (26 and 29 June 2001), this is set to be an informative event geared to boost the productivity of all who attend
I am towards the end of the production cycle for this particular event. If I could hear from you before Thursday 15, 2001, it would be very helpful.
Thank you.look forward to hearing from you soon.
Eunice Oluoch
Conference Director
International Quality and Productivity Centre
415 Yonge Street
Toronto M5B 2E7
tel: 416 542 1841