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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@covalent.net>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:57:43 GMT

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Sam Ruby wrote:

> Fotis Jannidis wrote:
> >
> > Most developers and committers are severely limited in their time;
> > so if you plan to burden all open issues on the PMC it can be
> > foreseen, that we will have a not satisfying situation in 12 months
> > again. But another council is probably not the answer to this,
> > because it only delegates these problems. Maybe it could be made
> > one of the main task of the PMC to identify problems, establish for
> > each larger problem a working group (whose members are selected
> > from all committers) which has only the task to solve this problem
> > and then to dissolve again. The PMC wouldn't have to work on all
> > problems itself, but its main competence, the interproject
> > communication would be used in the best way.
> We've been exploring these issues for a while on Jakarta, and here is a few
> items we have concluded so far:
> 1) the place for interproject communication should be out in the open, on
> the general@ mailing list; not on the private PMC mailing list.

A PMC list can be made as open as desired - and function as an open forum
(though then it would just duplciated general@.) Though there always will
be a need for some more closed communication.
> 2) The charter of the PMC is to resolve interpersonal disputes, security
> concerns, legal issues, veto of last resort, approval of new subprojects
> within the scope of the project, responsible to the ASF corporation as
> chartered.

Though I personally would agree - it is perfectly possible to change that
charter here and now. Or to establish something else which deals with a
wider range of things.

Personally I am a bit sceptic about this - all developers are volunteers -
and very buzy people at that. Burdering that fragile infrastrucuture with
an overload of layers and procedures is perhaps not a good idea.
> 3) One of the roles of the PMC is to establish the Apache culture within
> the community.  This includes such items as release plans done in a
> collaborative and open manner.


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