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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:47:50 GMT
Fotis Jannidis wrote:
> Most developers and committers are severely limited in their time;
> so if you plan to burden all open issues on the PMC it can be
> foreseen, that we will have a not satisfying situation in 12 months
> again. But another council is probably not the answer to this,
> because it only delegates these problems. Maybe it could be made
> one of the main task of the PMC to identify problems, establish for
> each larger problem a working group (whose members are selected
> from all committers) which has only the task to solve this problem
> and then to dissolve again. The PMC wouldn't have to work on all
> problems itself, but its main competence, the interproject
> communication would be used in the best way.

We've been exploring these issues for a while on Jakarta, and here is a few
items we have concluded so far:

1) the place for interproject communication should be out in the open, on
the general@ mailing list; not on the private PMC mailing list.

2) The charter of the PMC is to resolve interpersonal disputes, security
concerns, legal issues, veto of last resort, approval of new subprojects
within the scope of the project, responsible to the ASF corporation as

3) One of the roles of the PMC is to establish the Apache culture within
the community.  This includes such items as release plans done in a
collaborative and open manner.

- Sam Ruby

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