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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:29:34 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> 1. Who wants to volunteer for the next PMC

Count me in.

> 2. Where do we want the XML projects to go

I think your approach is correct.  What most people presume to be the
charter is the one posted publicly and prominently on the web site, not the
one buried in board minutes a year and a half ago.

> 3. Think of synergy; how can we make all this work better
>    when used together. How could we improve version-ing,
>    should we work with the Jakarta folks more closely ?

In addition to revising the charter, I believe the PMC bylaws need to be
reviewed.  This is also in progress on the Jakarta PMC, and the current
results can be found at:


With respect to versioning, I personally have been investing my spare time
in seeing if current versions of the various subprojects can be built
together.  The next step is to automatically notify the various -dev
mailing lists on failure (which I have started doing upon request), and
then automate regression testing (which I have barely begun).  Current
results can be found at:


And the problem is deeper than that - none of this matters if projects
avoid standard interfaces and hard code calls directly into specific

I can also help with the linkages to the Jakarta folks.

- Sam Ruby

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