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From David_Mars...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Test Infrastructure Project Proposal
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 22:49:17 GMT

Scott Boag wrote:
>What is happening in the XML/Web world is the integration of a lot of
>smaller components, plugged together via (hopefully) standard interfaces.
>This increases the need for unit testing, and integration testing in a
>big way.  In systems such as we are building, robustness is everything,
>and fragility is becoming an increasing problem.

This looks like a good topic for a workshop at ApacheCon. One of the
most intriguing aspects of this integration testing is governing how
various modules get plugged in. For example, the Xalan team would like
to have a complete pipeline of Apache software that works, then plug in
a revised Xalan piece, holding all other pieces constant, and see if the
pipeline still works. I'm sure that other projects would like to do the
same thing.

Similarly, additional test cases can be introduced by attempting to run
them through the pipeline that works. If the test comes out as expected,
then it acquires the status of "worked at least once" that means it can
be applied in a regression scenario, and it might also be an example for
.................David Marston

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