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From "Bill Halchin" <bhalc...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Software engineer
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Dear Kian,

    Thank you for your email and resume. I am one of the senior software 
engineers. However, I don't make hiring decisions. I will
send to our CTO.

Thanks and regards,

Bill Halchin

>From: Kian Haghdad <khaghdad27@yahoo.com>
>Reply-To: general@xml.apache.org
>To: <general@xml.apache.org>
>Subject: Software engineer
>Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 05:17:47 -0500
>I have got your email from the Web site and I am very interested in working 
>for your company. I
>have a BS in Electrical Engineering and computer science and worked on my 
>Master degree
>in Telecommunication engineering (not finished due to the lucrative 
>market!). I have also 7++
>years of experience with software development, Internet development and 
>hardware. I have
>worked for many companies both in Iran and in the United States using 
>different development
>I am looking for a position which utilizes my experience. I am open to both 
>Permanent position
>or contract to permanent positions.
>I am Canadian resident and have permission to work in Canada.
>I have attached my resume and sincerely appreciate your attention, thank 
>Kian Haghdad
>Here is my resume:
>Kian Haghdad
>8 Kingsbridge Crt., Apt. 508
>Toronto, Ontario M2R 1L5
>Home: (416) 630-7066
>Fax:  (416) 630-7991
>Email: khaghdad27@yahoo.com
>I have more than 7+ years of experience in application development, 
>Database Management,
>Internet development. I have also been involved in hardware design. My 
>development experience is mainly in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, 
>Visual InterDev,
>COM, DCOM, MFC, SDKs, MS-Access, MS-SQL, FoxPro,
>Java script and VB script. Over the years I have been responsible for the
>Development of many applications from design to commercial release.
>Sharif University OF Technology, Tehran (The best technical school in 
>Iran)	9/87-6/92
>B.S. Degree: Electrical Engineering and computer science
>Worked on M.S. degree in Telecommunication engineering
>01Communique, Mississauga, Ontario	12/00-Present
>Involved in the development of a web supported version of the communicating 
>using Active Server Pages, JavaScript, VB Script and browser compatibility, 
>Visual C++6.0,
>Borland C++, MSMQ, TCP/IP.
>Application increases the Modem compatibility for the wide variety of 
>It also provides additional capabilities for the desktop version on the 
>American SkySat, Walnut Creek, California	5/00-Present
>* Involved in the development of a web application in Visual InterDev 6.0 
>using Active Server
>Pages (ASP), Microsoft E-Commerce, SQL 7.0, XML, Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual 
>Basic 6.0,
>Visual J++ 6.0, COM (ATL), DCOM, JavaScript and VB Script. The web server 
>was Microsoft
>Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft site server 3.0, with 
>Microsoft E-Commerce edition
>3.0 and FrontPage extension running under the NT Server The web application 
>provides NT
>related services online. The user can register and buy services and also 
>allows the user to
>troubleshoot and configure a system at real time online. The web site also 
>provides the
>capability of chatting online, customer support online, statistical 
>analysis online and transaction
>* Developed a database management application for a medical health care 
>center, using
>Visual Basic 6.0, SQL 7.0, Crystal report and Access 2000. (Windows 98 and 
>American Computech, Pleasanton, California	3/98-5/00
>Developed different applications using Visual C++, Visual J++, and Access.
>* Involved in the development of a CRM (Customer Relation Management)web 
>application in
>Visual InterDev 6.0 using Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft E-Commerce, 
>SQL 7.0, XML,
>Visual Basic 6.0, Visual J++ 6.0, COM, DCOM, JavaScript and VB Script. 
>(Windows 98 and
>Developed an application in Visual Basic 5.0, Access 97 and Crystal reports 
>(using ODBC) for
>financial analyses department of FHP (Concord, California). The application 
>is capable of
>importing data from other systems, analyzing and processing the data and 
>generating hundreds
>of reports base on the original data.
>*Developed an MDI application in Visual C++5,0 and Access 97 for windows 
>called ID maker.
>The application is designed to drive a digital camera, capture a picture 
>and generate different
>ID cards using OLE (marketing for schools and clubs). The Cannon digital 
>camera is controlled
>via DLL functions calls to the camera's driver. The camera is connected via 
>a parallel port. I
>have also developed several OCXs for this project.
>Developed an application in Visual Basic 5.0, Access 97 and Crystal reports 
>(using ODBC).
>The application is a very large information management system for CBI (City 
>Building Inc. in
>San Francisco). The application contains 28 relational tables large number 
>of queries forms
>and reports.
>Tavanir Co., Tehran, Iran	9/95-3/98
>*Developed an application in Visual C++ 5.0 intended for network control 
>managements. The
>application is able to get information such as voltage, active and reactive 
>power from power
>plants and transmission stations and specifies transmission state using 
>power flow method after
>a fault occurs on the transmission line.
>* Developed an application for voltage drop on the net. The application was 
>developed in
>Visual Basic 5.0 using graphical OCXs.
>* Developed hardware for the high voltage network.
>*Developed an application in Visual C++ 4.0. The application checks the 
>transmitting power on
>the lines and controls the system's steady state by alarm system.
>*Developed an application in Visual C++ 4.0 set the protection relays in 
>substations to protect
>the network's reliability.
>Pishro Co., Tehran, Iran	11/94-6/95
>Designed, developed and implemented electrical systems using computer aided 
>software. The
>electrical systems were intended for both indoors (Buildings) and outdoors 
>(Airports and
>The systems were designed and based on the standard and regulation of 
>electrical system.
>Pardis Tower Co, Tehran, Iran	1/93-11/94
>Designed simulators for training purpose.
>*Developed an application in  C++ for  cycloconvertor simulator. The
>cycloconvertor is used in the starters of synchronous motors.
>*Developed application using C++  for control speed of  DC motors. The 
>  gets input voltage to the motor, speed of motor and rotor's current. It 
>can control
>  the motor speed based on requested speed.
>*Developed application using C++ for step motor's control speed. In order 
>to change the angle
>of dish antenna, the application orders to step motor to change the rotor's 
>Software development
>Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, MFC, SDKs, COM, 
>DCOM, ATL ActiveXs
>, C++, Fortran, Intel  8085 Assembler Access.
>Internet development
>Visual InterDev 6.0, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL 7.0, COM, DCOM, Java 
>Database development
>MS-SQL, Access, FoxPro
>Operating System Used
><< kianResumeU_C.doc >>
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