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From mandy.s...@uk.catalyst-solutions.com
Subject Re: Generate/update XML output.
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 07:19:59 GMT
You will need to use the DOM classes to create a document and add elements
/ attributes to it, then to write it out as an XML message. You'll find
this stuff in Apache xerces.jar or IBM AlphaWorks xml4j.jar, with the
documentation for which you'll find some good examples (well, they were
adequate for me to get it working, anyway). I had a broadly similar
requirement & got it all going without too much trouble.

"Sanjay Verma" <sanjay.verma@bil.baeurer.com> on 12/02/2001 06:50:07

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Subject:  Generate/update XML output.

Hi all,

I am stuck up in my project. I want to make an XML file using my existing
Oracle database. That is, I want to use Java as an Interface between Oracel
DB and XML file. I have already done a one way interface ie. from XML using
JDBC to Oracle using Xalan SAX API. Now, I want to convert the data in the
Oracle using JDBC to either generate a new  XML file or depending on the
value of a transaction field update the existing XML file with the values
the database.

Kindly guide me the way to do the above procedure.

Thanking you in advance for your support,



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