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From "Fotis Jannidis" <fotis.janni...@lrz.uni-muenchen.de>
Subject Re: Volunteers needed: Reboot of the XML 'PMC'.
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:21:23 GMT
From:           	Scott_Boag@lotus.com

> Right, but at the same time, the PMC needs to step up to, in my opinion,
> some technical issues, like across-project interface coordination, release
> and version management, quality assessment, and external interface policies
> (W3C, Oasis, JCP).  Policy mistakes that are really damaging can easily be
> made if an understanding of the detailed architectures and future plans of
> projects is not present.  And I don't believe many of the across-project
> architecture issues (within xml.apache.org and internal dependencies to
> Jakarta, apache server, etc.) can be fully addressed on the general list.
> So either these issues need to be worked on by the PMC, *OR* perhaps we
> should define an Architecture Management Council (AMC)... but this could
> well make things worse... I don't think we want to proliferate more
> exclusive groups.  Hmm... perhaps we could define a AMC mailing list that
> had open membership, but would tend to be naturally contained to people who
> are really interested and have the time to make really informed decisions?

Most developers and committers are severely limited in their time; 
so if you plan to burden all open issues on the PMC it can be 
foreseen, that we will have a not satisfying situation in 12 months 
again. But another council is probably not the answer to this, 
because it only delegates these problems. Maybe it could be made 
one of the main task of the PMC to identify problems, establish for 
each larger problem a working group (whose members are selected 
from all committers) which has only the task to solve this problem 
and then to dissolve again. The PMC wouldn't have to work on all 
problems itself, but its main competence, the interproject 
communication would be used in the best way. 

> Just brainstorming...

Me too 


Fotis Jannidis

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