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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Test Infrastructure Project Proposal
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:56:54 GMT
At 04:06  10/2/01 -0500, Scott_Boag@lotus.com wrote:
>I propose a project for testing infrastructure, that covers the needs of
>unit testing, stress testing, performance testing, negative testing (i.e.
>testing of error conditions), integration testing, and error logging and

Stress and performance testing belong in a separate project and we already
have one (jmeter) which could easily be extended to performace/stress test
other things. negative testing is usually considered a subset of unit
testing and should be covered by the same framework. 

I am not sure what you mean by "integration testing" - I have heard
different meanings for it by different people. If you meaning integration
aka continuous integration then tinderbox/gump should do it for us. If you
mean "funcitonal testing" (ie test the integration of components and see if
they perform function) then this screams out for a customized set of ant
tasks/runtime or an amalgamation of things like gtest.

Could you expand what you mean by error logging/reporting - presumably of
tests? If so then I would log 
* success
* failure - expected possible error condition
* error - unexpected error
* non-completion ( ie test required other tests to pass before it could be

These could be spit out to a listener that could construct the appropriate

>A small note - didn't the Avalon list seperate their testing code 

It was always separate. it was a unit testing framework I built for a
separate project. It only ended up in Avalon as I needed unit testing in
avalon. It is still currently in avalon under package org.apache.testlet.



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