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From Gerd Mueller <g...@smb-tec.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers: First - cut - Deadline 2nd of March
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:13:37 GMT

> 1) Low-level processing components that have XML as their base: Parser,
> XSLT processor, Soap, XLink, FOP, etc.  AND AN XML DATABASE!

What about ozoneXML or dbxml (although I saw that dbxml is more than a
XML database).

> 2) User level utilities that are enablers of XML: XML Editor, XSLT Editor,
> LinkMaker, Schema Editor (examples from the top of my head).

As Kelly already suggested Merlot would be good, but I've found another
interesting XML editor with a different approach. It's called 'Conge'

> 3) XML-specific testing aids, i.e. DOM comparitor, encoding tests, HTML
> comparitor?  These might work in conjunction with a more general test
> infrastructure.
> 4) Cocoon because it is already here and because it is Cocoon.  But Cocoon
> seems to me to go beyond pure XML specificity, and is more at the
> application level, so it's a bit on the borderline.  See below about
> subjectivity.

> What did I miss?  Shared utility infrastructure??  Psuedo-standard
> interfaces?

Some kind of data source integration layer, i.e. some piece of software
that fills the gap between e.g. Cocoon as the frontend and e.g. databases
or mail boxes as the backend. I know, that you can access RDBMS with
esql directly from Cocoon, but there are so much data sources more than 
RDBMS. I think, a content management system (or is it content syndication ?)
would be a real benefit. Of course, as a main developer of the Prowler project 
I would suggest this piece of software, but you may have other ideas.

Best Regards,

Gerd Mueller                                    gerd@smb-tec.com     
SMB GmbH                                  http://www.smb-tec.com

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