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From Paul Russell <p...@luminas.co.uk>
Subject Re: Test Infrastructure Project Proposal
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 21:21:02 GMT
* Ovidiu Predescu (ovidiu@cup.hp.com) wrote :
> I believe we should look at the merits of his framework before
> discussing how or whether it can or should be integrated with JUnit.
> Your approach of one size fits all doesn't always work.

I totally agree, and as the original 'cause' of this argument, I think
we need to make sure we use the best tool for the job.  Extreme
Programming is something that is very important to me, it's a
methodology which I strongly concur with, and I feel that it is a
methodology which I feel translates well to the open source ethos.

> Shane, do you have the code in a shape that could be posted on the Web for
> others to review? I'm very much interested in a framework that has the
> capabilities you describe.

I would be *very* interested in seeing this. I should point out that I
am very keen to get the original concept moving soonish (originally, I
wanted to start unit testing cocoon2), but I believe that all the apache
projects could benefit from a testing framework, and I am more than
happy if this framework is developed within the infrastructure of the
Apache community.

Shane - if we can see how you've approached the problem, review what
you've done to date, and see if it solves the problems we face (testing
media-complex projects such as cocoon is, uh, non-trivial) I'd be
eternally grateful.

Thanks all,

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