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From Dmitri Romanovski <Dmitri.Romanov...@wisoftware.de>
Subject xalan 2.0 performance!!!
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:22:36 GMT
Hi all,

we have experienced major problems with migrating from xalan-j 1.2.2 to 
xalan-j 2.0 production release. Stylesheets transformations which took app. 
100ms with 1.2.2 need now 5-10 sec with 2.0. We are using xalan in servlet, 
precompiling stylesheets in StylesheetRoot ( 1.2.2 ) or Templates now and 
then processins them with DOM source. 

Does anybody know something about that??? For me it looks like xalan-j 2.0 is 
oversynchronized. Maybe there are some undocumented settings or 
initialization procedure to avoid this problem???

Please help!!!

Thatnk, Dmitri.

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