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From "Ted Leung" <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: Volunteers: First - cut - Deadline 2nd of March
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:07:21 GMT

> 1. name

Ted Leung
> 2. Apache affiliations/projects you are working on

Committer for Xerces-J, Member of current XML PMC.

> 3. Professional affiliations if you consider it
> relevant or if you feel you need to disclose them.

None - I work for myself.

> 4. Short summary of what you would bring to the
> table in term's of experience, idea's. How
> you see your role in creating synergy between
> all XML projects.

I've spent some time recently trying to help the Xerces-J project
get a little more organized.  I'm willing to do "scut work"
like editing the website, maintaining bugzilla, etc.   I am
concerned about version lock problems, and API consistency
across the projects.  I'd also like to see the "infrastructure"
projects (Xerces, Xalan, FOP, Batik, SOAP) move in the
direction of an application server stack.  I think that having a
small set of design points that the various projects are striving
for will bring more unity in design and community.  As an example
Xerces-J is consistently torn by people who want to turn it into 
an engine for writing incremental XML editors and people who
want to turn it into a component suitable for production level
messaging.  Often the goals of these two camps are opposed.

One last thing.  Jim Allchin's recent comment about Open Source
stifling innovation seemed particularly relevant to me.  In the past
the part of the charter that referenced XML standards has been
used as a way to keep features out of projects and projects out
of xml.apache.org.  I think it is very important that the XML project
be a place where innovation is both allowed and encouraged.  Our
best example of this is Cocoon.  Jakarta has a few examples:  Ant
and Struts.  I want to see our projects continue to innovate in similar
fashion, so I want to be sure that whatever we do to the charter still
allows for that.


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