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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@nc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Test Infrastructure Project Proposal
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2001 03:29:40 GMT

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Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> I'd say outside Jakarta _and_ XML. Ant no longer belongs in Jakarta
> since everyone and their grandmother is using it. Actually, there's a
bunch of
> stuff in Jakarta (regexp, ORO, etc) which has nothing to do with Jakarta,
> se. I'd hate to see yet more stuff put in there.
> What about the possible role of Tigris? The main infrastructure tools
> (Subversion, ArgoUML, etc) seem to very naturally fit there. Once we have
> requirements, developing support tools can happen there, while a parallel
> Apache project works on how Apache would use it, and the bits that pertain
> directly to Apache testing. Just some thoughts - if everything lives in
> that's cool with me also.

As the new chairman of Jakarta, I've been giving a lot of thought to this.
I start with the premise that "stuff" belongs where a majority of
committters want it to be put.

By the way, xml-fop is still my poster child for why something like this
will not work until people's habits change.  I know I pointed it out before,
but could you take a look again at the following build failure?  It looks
relatively easy to fix:


So the real question is, how do we get peoples habits to change?

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