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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: TransformerFactory
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2001 20:37:06 GMT

Ahmad Morad <morad@db.informatik.uni-kassel.de> wrote:
> I wolud like also to put a remark about the Serializer classes; To
> a DOM-Node as HTML, you need some serialze-object. The use of the
> classes is very complex

Can you elaborate?  It doesn't seem complex to me.

> and There is no enough possibilities to control the
> exact way of serialization.

The output properties keys are limited to those defined by XSLT in the
javax.xml.transform classes.  There are some xalan extension keys which are

> However if I use :
>          serializer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.METHOD,"xml");
> Then the output contains some extra lines, which I don't want to produce.

> (The JEditorPane can't then visualize the HTML text).

Can you give an example?  As far as I know the serializers are producing
good and proper output per method.

> If I want to use
> a java.util.Property object to control the output, I can't know which
> properties I have exactly to set. I mean for example for the
> SerializerFactory.getSerializer(Property) method.?

If you start with the OutputKeys documentation, and follow the links to the
XSLT specification, these are all very clearly specified.  The keys that
can be used as extensions are specified in the Xalan docs.  If you look in
org.apache.xalan.templates.output_xml.properties, and
org.apache.xalan.templates.output_text.properties, then the exact defaults
can be seen, though you shouldn't need to look at these as they conform to
the XSLT standard.

> Is there some new books or documentation that handle the new versions of
> xalan, xerces ... ? I found it very difficault to work with API-DOCS.

I believe Don's Xalan docs, which aren't API docs, are pretty darn good.
You also may want to look at the JSR63 docs on the Sun site.


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