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From Anthony Ikeda <anthony.ik...@proxima-tech.com>
Subject Xalan & FOP for PDF transformations
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 01:47:10 GMT
I'm trying to work out how to do PDF transformations with Xalan. I need to
use Xalan mainly because I want to embed the code into a class.

I created a standard XML file and XSL file with the fo namespace, but when I
get Xalan to perform the transformation, I get a NullPointerException
without any message.

I have set the xml and xsl strings inside StringReaders as Input Sources and
I have the PrintWriter set to a servlet's PrintWriter. The xsl is declared
with <xsl:output method="pdf"/>

Is this correct or should I be using FOP? If I use FOP, I only have 1
inputsource and the output file path. There doesn't seem to be any code
samples that explain how to perform the XML->PDF transformations.

(BTW: The XSLT PDF transformation works fine in Cocoon)

Any help greatly appreciated,
Anthony Ikeda,
Web Application Developer,
Proxima Technology,

Level 13,
181 Miller Street,
North Sydney

PH: +612-9458-1718
Mob: 041 624 5143

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