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From "Taylor, Kevin" <Kevin_Tay...@pamperedchef.com>
Subject setting external DTD in xalan
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:59:13 GMT
I have been trying to get this to work for several days and cannot find any
example in any of the xalan docs.  I am using the java xalan 1.2D01.

I am converting xml to xhtml and want to use the xhtml1-strict.dtd for the
xsl stylesheet.  I have attempted to include the following in my xsl:
<output method="xml" doctype-system="/xhtml1-strict.dtd"/>

I have downloaded the xhtml1-strict.dtd to the root directory and have
successfully used it in xml that is not xsl stylesheets.  For some reason,
when calling the processor.process( xmlSource, xslSheet, xmlResult ); with
this dtd (or any dtd), the parser says that nbsp isn't defined (although it
is in the dtd.)

So, xalan is not finding the dtd.  Is this something that has to be handled
on the XSLTProcessor object or some other java object?

--Kevin P. Taylor

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