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From "Rathi, Pradeep" <pradeep.ra...@documentum.com>
Subject Triggering startEntity prior to startElement?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:14:59 GMT

We're implementing our own handler to handle various events. Our handler
extends org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler and implements
org.xml.sax.ext.LexicalHandler. Specifically we're interested in the methods
startElement() and startEntity(). Given the following example

    <model mode.type="Single.Mode&apos;" />

We notice that the startEntity event is triggered prior to the startElement
(for the model element). Is this the right behavior? If so, is there a way
to preserve the order of triggering events in the same sequence as seen in
the xml file i.e. in this example startElement followed by startEntity.

On a side note, is there a easier way (such as search) to go through the
archives of the mailing list other than having to browse the entire archive.


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