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From Guillaume Rousse <Guillaume.Rou...@univ-reunion.fr>
Subject Mandrake Packages availables
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 22:34:06 GMT
Hello Folks.
I've been packaging some apache foundation java-related project for Linux
Mandrake. Namely : 

Till they find their way into official Mandrake contribution, you'll can
find there here

As an (angry) packager, i have are some general comments about difficulties
i had:
- mixed distributions (both source and binaries) are not very practical.
It's better to have source and binaries distinct separation.
- as free software packages, only sources can be used in a package, not
binaries. So for most of these package, i couldn't build documentation, as
i did not found Apache stylebook template source anywhere.
- distribution containing additionam project binaries are waste of bandwith
and disc space : most of them have ant.jar inside ! Do every GNU soft
include make binaries inside ? I prefer have explicit requirement on main
page - it also prevents the 'arghh, i still have to build this one before'
packager's syndrom :-) - or even an additional tools archives ready to

As a user, altough, i have to say : apache foundation soft rocks ! keep up
good work !

Any comment, flame, and related, welcomed (cc to me, please, i'm not on the
Guillaume Rousse

Murphy's law : If anything can go wrong, it will.
O'Tool's commentary : Murphy was an optimist.

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