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From Ahmad Morad <mo...@db.informatik.uni-kassel.de>
Subject RE: Xalan - DOM transform in Netscape 4.7
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:04:40 GMT

I have the same Problem since a long time, and I have no Idea how to solve 
it! In my upenion this is a bug in xalan! Why must the transformer read 
system properties to decide which parser to use? And if at all, there must be 
a method lets the programmer set the parser <explicitly> to avoid the long 
search for the parser. The change of Netscpae's security is a very specific 


Dipl. Math. Morad Ahmad ///\\ morad@db.informatik.uni-kassel.de 
Universitaet Gh. Kassel['`|'`]www.db.informatik.uni-kassel.de/~morad
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