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From Yusuf <yelda...@iris.nyit.edu>
Subject Re: Xerces-J InvalidDataTypeFacetException
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 03:47:27 GMT
I'm getting the InvalidDataTypeFacetException with Xerces-J 1.2.0, and the
following is a file I tried to parse.  (I seem to get the exception before
I even specify a file to parse - right when I say DOMParser parser = new

Thanks again.

<auaxml version="0.1">
 <machine name="80286">
   <register name="ah"/>
   <register name="al"/>
   <register name="ax"/>

   <register name="dx"/>
   <instruction name="mov">
     <operand type="register" name="ax"/>
     <operand type="data" size="2"/>
    <opcode value="b8 #1[1] #1[0]"/>

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