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From "Jeff Boston" <dad...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Not receiving DOM_ATTR_MODIFIED notifications
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:59:16 GMT
Trying this list since I don't see my notes on the
xerces-j-dev@xml.apache.org list.

Jeff Boston
---------------------- Forwarded by Jeff Boston/Watson/IBM on 12/05/2000
01:52 PM ---------------------------

Jeff Boston
12/01/2000 03:14 PM

To:   xerces-j-dev@xml.apache.org
From: Jeff Boston/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  Not receiving DOM_ATTR_MODIFIED notifications

I sent this previously to the xerces-j-dev@xml.apache.org list but still
haven't seen it so I'll resend it.

I checked with the latest, Xerces 1.2.2,  and the bug is still there.

Jeff Boston

---------------------- Forwarded by Jeff Boston/Watson/IBM on 12/01/2000
03:01 PM ---------------------------

It appears that I don't receive DOM_ATTR_MODIFIED notifications when I add
an element to the tree and modify attributes which have a default value in
the .dtd file.  If I load the DOM tree from a file and then modify the an
element's attributes that exist in the tree I receive the change
notification.  If I add an elements to the tree and then modify attributes
which don't specify a default value in the .dtd (#IMPLIED) then I also
receive the change notification.  But if I change the #IMPLIED to a default
value in the .dtd, and then modify the added elements attributes with
default values I don't receive the change notification.  Setting the
feature to http://apache.org/xml/features/nonvalidating/load-dtd-grammar to
false did not change the notification problem.  I didn't test with a

Using xerces 1.2.1 and jdk 1.2.2

Jeff Boston

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