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From Paul_D...@lotus.com
Subject <ANN/> Xalan-J 2.0.D05 Release posted to xml.apache.org
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:55:58 GMT
We have just posted Xalan-Java 2.0.D05 to xml.apache.org.

Xalan-Java 2.0.D05 is a beta Developer's release. It represents a stable
build that conforms to the XSLT and XPath 1.0 specifications, and that
implements the new JavaTransformation  API for XML  (TrAX).

Since our last release, Xalan-Java 2.0.D01, TrAX has been revised and
integrated with the XMP Parser API in the Java API for XML Processing,  so
we have revised our API accordingly. This release also includes greatly
expanded support for custom stylesheet control  over output properties, and
numerous other upgrades and bug fixes.

To get a complete build with samples and sources, download  and unzip
either of the following:


from http://xml.apache.org/dist/xalan-j/. The documentation (included with
the download) is also available at http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/index.html
. For the release notes, see http://xml.apache.org/dist/xalan-j/readme.html


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