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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: <ANN/> Xalan-J 1.2.2. Release posted to xml.apache.org - Xalan 1.x dev/bugs comment
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 23:02:20 GMT
1. xalan-dev@xml.apache.org is the appropriate place for Xalan bugs;
general@xml.apache.org is really too, well, 'general' for this kind of

2. Yes, it's always worth posting bugs. Even if they don't get fixed, at
least other people can see potential problems and either avoid them or even
suggest their own fixes/patches, which might help get them fixed.

3. Yes! We love to get extra patches - that makes it much more likely that
bugs will get fixed.  Given that it's open source, if there are some people
who are committed to continuing Xalan 1.x work, it will probably happen.

*Note* a couple of suggestions/proposals for submitting bugs (should be in
a xalan-dev-list-FAQ):

  - Start your subject line with [BUG], include Xalan-J 1.x/2.x or Xalan-C,
and a brief description of what the bug is

  - Include information about your environment (OS type/version, JDK
version, other jars in classpath, etc.)

  - Note the specific version and language -J/-C of Xalan and Xerces (or
other parser) you're using, if it's a posted version; or the time and date
you downloaded from CVS if you built Xalan yourself

  - Describe the repeatable steps to reproduce the bug, what you think the
bug is, and what you think should have happened (i.e. it helps to describe
the wrong behavior that's happening, as well as what the right behavior
should be)

  - Send as attachments any external files needed to reproduce the bug -
stylesheets, xml files, or java files (or C++ files, of course!)

Oh, for patches, I'd propose [PATCH] to start the subject, and use the cvs
diff -u command to make the patch if possible.

- Shane

---- you Robert Burrell Donkin <RobertDonkin@appleonline.net> wrote: ----
> i've got some bugs for the version of xalan 1.2.x I've got.
> 1. What is the right forum for posting bugs for xalan (of whatever
> vintage)?
> 2. Is there any real point posting bugs for xalan 1.x?
> 3. Is there any real point posting fixes for bugs for xalan 1.x
> (supposing that I get annoyed enough to fix them myself)?

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