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From "Steve Cohen" <Ste...@ignitemedia.com>
Subject xml DIFF utlity??
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 20:47:53 GMT
Does anyone know of a tool that, given two XML packets, could spit out
as output, an XML packet that somehow contained only the differences
between them?  It seems to me that this might be handy for the following
scenario:  I am to be receiving and required to process a feed
containing many repetitive XML packets in which only a few out of many
elements will be different from the last one received.  Rather than save
data from the whole parsed packet into the database every time, it might
(or might not) be more efficient to save only the diffs.  On the other
hand, this diffing might easily eat up the processing time saved in
database access.

Has anyone reading this ever dealt with this sort of situation?

Steve Cohen
Sr. Software Engineer
Ignite Sports Media, LLC

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