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From Vincent Finn <vf...@mvt.ie>
Subject DOM_NodeList problem in C++
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 15:34:04 GMT

I am having trouble with the DOM_NodeList and the DOM_Document

I have a local DOM_Document in a function
I call the function and return the DOM_NodeList 

The problem is that as soon as the DOM_Document goes out of scope
the DOM_NodeList is useless

I asume that the DOM_NodeList is simply a list of pointers
into the data in the DOM_Document since this would explain the problem

Is there any way of getting the DOM_NodeList (or another data type) 
properly as persistant data like you can with the DOM_Node

Currently I am having to do it by getting the DOM_NodeList 
and then filling a vector of DOM_Nodes which is messy


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