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From Roberto Tiella <tie...@sodalia.it>
Subject XSLT Question
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:39:05 GMT
Hi  everybody !

I have a question concerning XSLT.

I have a XML like the following:


applying a template, I'm able to assign the string "4*7" to a variable
(say 'n'). Now the question is
how can I evaluate the expression in 'n' ?

the XSLT fragment:

<xsl:value-of select="$n"/>

just returns the '4*7' string.

Is there any other way the expressior or just to get the '28' from the
XML document ?

best regards, roberto.

Roberto Tiella
Process Reuse And Technologies Area
SODALIA s.p.a.
v. Valentina Zambra,1 38100 TRENTO ITALY
phone: +39 0461 316430 fax: +39 0461 316401

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