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From "David Gonzalez" <dvdgn...@europa.com>
Subject Difficulty using Xalan with JSP
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2000 04:50:55 GMT
I'm trying to use Xalan to transform an XML document and deliver the resulting HTML with Java
Server Pages.  I'm using Allaires JRun as the web server.  The trouble I'm having is that
the transformation only seems to process the first XSLT node (  <xsl:template match="/">
) but any following xsl instructions are ignored.  The transformations work fine when done
as a Java application, so I know the XSL and XML files are OK.  I only experience this behavior
when the transformations take place as part of the JSP, so I assume that the server environment
is at fault somehow.  It almost seems as though xsl nodes (other than <xsl:template match="/">
) cause the transformation to fail, yet no errors are generated.  I know the xsl file is being
read properly, because when I intentionally introduce some errors in the file, I get the appropriate
TransformerConfigurationException.  I've spent my entire Christmas break trying to sort this
out. Any help would be appreciated...


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