I've been writing apps/services that use XML for about 4.5 months now.  I started out using Crimson from Sun's JAXP implementation but later switched to Xerces.  I'm now at the point where XML transformation is a requirement (XSL/XSLT).  I would like to know if Xalan J2 is the path I should take or Xalan J1.  The code I'm writing will be deployed in a production environment so stability is an import consideration, but I'm also trying to be as forward looking as possible, and I know further Xalan J1 development has stopped.  Any convincing arguments for one path over the other would be greatly appreciated.  Finally, if I could get some unbiased (this is after all, an apache list) assessment of SAXON compared to Xalan from people who have actually used SAXON and Xalan J1 or J2.  Thank you for your time.
Dane Foster