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From Myriam_M...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Problem using document() in Xalan-J 1.2
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 13:57:47 GMT

We had a problem with xsl:variable /xsl:param in 1.2. I checked in a fix to
CVS that I think solves this problem. If you can give that a try, please
let us know whether you still see the problem or not. If all goes well,
this fix will be in the next released version of Xalan.

"Firestar" <theebh@magix.com.sg> on 11/08/2000 01:02:05 AM

Please respond to general@xml.apache.org

To:   <general@xml.apache.org>
cc:    (bcc: Myriam Midy/CAM/Lotus)
Subject:  Problem using document() in Xalan-J 1.2

Hi, in my xsl stylesheets i use a lot of 'document()' functions to load in
external xml documents for transformation. i did not hardcode the path and
filename of the xml files; instead i put them in variables like this

<xsl:param name="content" select="default-value" />
<xsl:variable name="content" select="document($content)" />

This used to work fine previously in Xalan-J version 1.1. But with version
1.2, the document() function complained of 'out of context or no
definition' error; instead it will only work if i put the full pathname of
the xml file in the document function, like this:
select="document('d:\xml\something.xml')". It seems that document() no
longer do variable interpolation?

Has anyone encountered the same problem? TIA.


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